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May 1, 2021 @ 11:00am

     Marvin and Linda Dalton, a husband-and-wife team, have been worshipping together and facilitating worship for nearly a decade. Both received the call to music ministry many years ago. With the Lord’s anointing and guidance, they continue to grow as they seek greater intimacy, endeavoring to bring Him their best offering.

     Linda and Marvin are accomplished musicians, vocalists, and song writers. You may remember seeing Marvin as part of the worship team at the Vineyard in Wheeling and Linda as a member of the contemporary Christian band “Leap of Faith.”

     Marvin is currently lead guitarist with the worship team at Harbor of Hope in St. Clairsville. He has been an ordained minister for the last 29 years. Linda leads worship for a women’s Bible study group that meets at the Harbor on Wednesdays. Before the lockdown in 2020, the couple preached and sang monthly at two local nursing homes.

     For the past five years, they have hosted an outdoor gathering called “Lift Our Voice Event” or L.O.V.E. held at the village park in Bethesda. They are currently renovating the 114-year-old building in which they live – once a general store – to house a ‘Helps’ ministry known as “The Mission at Love Central.” Bible studies, worship times, prayer meetings, art classes, and various other events will take place there. People will be welcome on a daily basis for refreshments and fellowship. The purpose of L.O.V.E. has been to reach the lost and encourage unity in the body of Christ.

Start at time 14:00 to 23:00.  start at time 37:33 to 40:33 start at time 15:47 to 25:43

May 1, 2021 @ 2:00am


Abby Malloy is a Christian recording artist.  Abby started playing music at the age of 4, started writing her own music in the 4th grade, and has now recorded with multiple big name artists in the Christian music industry (Maverick City, Brandon Lake, and live recordings with We The Kingdom, Mandisa, Leeland Worship, Dante Bowe, Sinach, and more). Though not all of her songs contain blatant Christian themes, the message is always positive, uplifting, and written to inspire and encourage the listener.

   After attending Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2015 and studying Audio Engineering, she moved to Missouri and pursued music while attending the University of Missouri. During that time, she joined a campus ministry as well as ministry leadership, and mentored college girls for 3 years, helping them through the struggles of a college campus as well as their personal spiritual growth.

   Her musical career started progressing in the end of 2018, when she felt a kind of fire light inside of her to record songs that she had written during her time in college. Her friends had heard these songs and had already told her they helped them through certain situations, so she wanted to expand her audience. She recorded her first album "Breathe" in the beginning of 2019. That album was released in August of 2019, and was a catalyst for a Fall/Winter filled with festivals, conferences, and an East Coast Tour that lasted through the month of January doing shows and worship nights in 5 different states over the course of a month.   

   When she was on tour, she had a lot of down-time, and spent her time writing the rest of her upcoming sophomore album "Light in the Darkness." The theme of this new album is purely love - and that love is what lightens the darkest of places. She lost her 5-week-old niece, Blakely, in October of 2019, and used music to navigate her grief. This album mainly focuses around God's love for us and how He leads us out of the darkest of places, and Abby hopes this new album will help others recognize that God is still with them when they feel the loneliest, the darkest, and the most hopeless. This new album is set to release in February 2021, as well as a third album and video series entitled "Light in the Darkness: Live in New York."

   You can find her most recently released album “Breathe” in iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere digital music is sold.  Abby has a goal of sharing Jesus with the world.  Abby’s heart is drawn to the Middle East.  She loves the people, culture, the Arabic language and much more.  She longs for the Middle Eastern people to come to know and love God and to find the comfort in Jesus, so that they will come together.  Hence, why she is releasing a lyric video for her song “Strong” with both English and Arabic written in the video.  Abby considers her music career a MINISTRY, not a market. You can help support her by sharing her music with others.  You can book Abby Malloy by email at

May 1, 2021 @ 5:00am


   The Love Quartet is a singing group composed of a father, Kevin and his 3 sons; Ross, Bryce and Reid.   Kevin and his sons and their families all reside in Guernsey County, Ohio. They worship at the Stop9 Church of Christ in Byesville. Their love for Christ and their families is what fuels their passion for music and using their God-given talents. 

August 7, 2021 @ 12:00 pm


   Mitchell's love for music and ministry began at a very young age. 

Four Years Old...
   Mitchell began playing drums at his home church.

Six Years Old...
   Mitchell had the desire to play piano, but he could not figure it out.  Mitchell and his dad, John, went to visit a local church, and there was a visiting musician, Don Warren.           Mitchell told John, "Dad, I want to be able to play piano like that".  After the service was over, John took Mitchell to the front of the church, and asked Don to pray over him; he did.  When Mitchell returned home, he believed with all his heart that God had given him the gift to play piano.  He went to the piano, and still could not play.  The next morning, he tried again, and began to play music!

Eight Years Old...
   Mitchell asked the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart, and accepted Him as his personal Savior.

Nine Years Old...
   Mitchell learned to play guitar.  He also began his music ministry, which involves traveling to churches and events playing and singing for the Lord.

Twelve Years Old...
   Mitchell received his exhorter’s license.

Sixteen Years Old...
   Mitchell went to the White House to meet the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. He also joined the Lighthouse Gospel Music Association and Calvary's Way Gospel Music Promotions. 

Eighteen Years Old...

   Mitchell was invited to be a part of the inaugural Christian Country at the Creek in Pigeon Forge, TN.  He was chosen as a top performer, and invited to sing on main stage at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention.

   Over the years, Mitchell has learned to play many other instruments, which has broadened his ability to minister effectively.

Charted Songs:

"There's One Man" - #1 - Positive Message Country Music Association charts (June 2019)

"All I Want To Be" - #5 - Positive Message Country Music Association charts (December 2019)

"When It Hits Me" - #1 - Positive Message Country Music Association charts (April 2020)


Soloist of the Year - LGMA (October 2019)

Horizon Artist of the Year - LGMA (October 2019)

Artist of the Year - GWGMP (November 2019)

Soloist of the Year - GWGMP (November 2019)


August 7, 2021 @ 3:00 pm


Ricky Luster Sr. is a Gospel music singer, songwriter, musician and composer from Durham, NC.  He has been singing professionally with such groups as the Sensational Nightingales, The Highway QC's and Charles Johnson and The Revivers. Most recently, he has been Minister of music at St Andrews Christian Church in Graham, NC for about 5 Years. He loves all types of music but he is very passionate about worship music. His goal is to see many come to Christ and touched by his music or words that they hear through his songs.

   Richard Alan Luster Sr., or Rick as he is called, was born in Chapel Hill North Carolina on August 29, 1961. He was raised up in Durham, North Carolina. Rick is from a family of 15 brothers and sisters. His father died when he was only 1 years old. His mother was left to raise all 15 children on her on. However, Rick’s mom was a prayer warrior. She prayed night and day for her children until 1984 when God called her home.

   The prayers that his mother prayed were definitely not in vain. Through her travailing prayers, most of the family members have been saved and have been blessed with the talent to sing and play musical instruments. In 1975, Rick joined four of his brothers to help form the group called the Luster Brothers. They ministered the gospel throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. Rick stayed with the group for six years.

   While with the group, he and his youngest brother Darrell were presented with the opportunity to travel professionally with a well-known group called the Highway QC’s. This venture for Rick and Darrell was an opportunity to share with others God’s message through songs and their talent of singing and playing the guitars. In 1983, after being with the Highway QC’S, the Lord blessed Rick and Darrell with the opportunity to help start a brand new group along with a well-known member of The Sensational Nightingales Charles Johnson.

   The Group would go on to be called Charles Johnson and The Revivers. This group consisted of Rick, Darrell, and Charles. They went on to gain great success in the gospel music industry with songs like “I Can’t Even Walk”, “I’ve Been Sealed”, “I’ll See You In The Rapture”, and many others. Ten years later after being with Charles Johnson and the Revivers, Rick felt that God was leading him in another direction. It was about a year and a half later that Rick was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. He was asked to travel and sing with the world renowned Sensational Nightingales of Durham, NC. He was asked to sing Baritone in place of 49-year member Bill Woodruff who had just passed away.

   Not long after Rick had joined the group another member passed away to be with the Lord. He was lead singer Calvert McNair Rick then was asked to be the groups’ new Lead singer. In 1998 after singing with the Nightingales for three years, Rick reunited with his brother Darrell to help form The Darrell Luster Trio. This group also consisted of another former member of Charles Johnson and The Revivers, Musician/Singer Joe Yancey.

In the earlier part of the year 2000, the Lord led Rick to fast and pray for direction for him and his family. It was then that he knew the Lord had other plans for his life. Not only would he have to fulfill singing obligations, but that he would also have to stand boldly behind that sacred desk and preach the gospel. Rick felt deep down in his heart in the past that he would one day fulfill this calling. God has blessed Rick with a beautiful wife, Vicky. She is a great supporter of his ministry and four children who support him dearly (Rodrick, Aleeah, Rick Jr., and Rickea ). His goal is to see many souls come to Christ through the ministry and that God will continue to use him to his greatest potential.



October 2, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

   The Spiritual Echoes was formed in 1983 as a mixed quartet with Rick’s mother, Delores Moore, being one of the group’s founding members.  By 1993, the group had transitioned into a mixed trio consisting of various members throughout the years; both vocalists and musicians.  The group remained a trio for a short while even after the passing of Rick’s mother in 2014. 

   In 2016, Rick was challenged by the Lord to pursue an even more diverse course than what he had been accustomed to previously in his music career and embarked on a full-throttled solo adventure.

   The Spiritual Echoes have always consisted of live musicians and today, Rick is thoroughly pleased with the Lord’s vision and the new direction TSE has taken.  The Spiritual Echoes now consist of Rick Moore, William C. Hatfield, Jason Rhodes, and James Tiller.  James frequently sings and provides harmony and backup vocals along with Rick.  James is a long-standing member who has had an active role with the group for nearly ten years playing bass and acoustic guitars and plucks the banjo every now and then as well. 

   Charles (aka William C.) is a versatile musician who enjoys lending his talents on the mandolin and acoustic and bass guitars as well.  James and Charles often take turns and switch instruments to give a particular song the proper feel and style that it calls for.  These two gentlemen have various playing styles that range from bluegrass, to rock & roll, to country to bluesy-grass (as we like to call it).

Rick is the leader, lead vocalist, and keyboard player for the group.  He manages the schedule for the group and oversees everything to make sure that their time on road is comfortable and enjoyable.  He loves the road life and is extremely thankful for all the friendships and partnerships he’s made over the years with fellow artists, pastors, and church families across the eastern and southern United States where they travel most.   

   Jason is the newest member of the group and plays the electronic drums.  We met Jason while playing at his home church in Adelphi, Ohio and we discovered that he had been longing to join a band for quite some time and he discovered that we were longing for a drummer for quite some time.  So, voila!  The rest is history. 

   These boys enjoy traveling, ministering in song, and meeting people far and wide.  They are weekend warriors on a devoted commission to inspire the lost and encourage fellow Believers in Christ.  Each of them works real, fulltime jobs yet they undeniably make ample time to meet the demands of their busy tour schedule.  They are down-to-earth fellas who love serving Jesus through the talents and desires that He has given to each of them.  They will admit they are not perfect, but they strive to be the best Christians, men and musical artists possible.

   TSE is eager to meet you.  They welcome every opportunity to be a part of your church service or event. They never charge a fee for their concerts but they do encourage a love offering to help cover expenses whenever possible.  They love the Lord and the jobs they have been given to witness and share the urgent message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For booking and scheduling information, they can be reached at (614) 595-9776. 

To view their full schedule visit:

You can also like and follow them on Facebook under The Spiritual Echoes.


October 2, 2021 @ 2:00 pm

Donald H. Paff Jr. is a Christian singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He served his country in the United States Marine Corps and earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Don worked for the U. S. Postal Service for thirty five years retiring in February 2020. He attends Fall Creek Christian Church in Pendleton, IN.

       Don is a member of The Indiana Gospel Music Association which promotes Indiana gospel music artists and events to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

       In his ministry, Don sings both Southern Gospel music favorites as well as original compositions written and composed to give testimony to his salvation experience. He and his wife Cathy also write music together.

       Don sings to honor Christ and has performed at various events in Indiana and Michigan including church services, festivals and fairs. Don has three CD projects: Standing On The Promises, Do You Believe, and Get There.

       There is no greater privilege than to be singing about the hope of heaven and the salvation that has been granted to us through the Lord Jesus Christ.

       He looks forward to singing and ministering and hopes to keep this going as long as the Lord allows him. Don can be reached at or on facebook@Don Paff.

October 2, 2021 @ 5:00 pm


   Members of Baranich, Gable & Lee are:

Perry Baranich, Pastor at Salesville Church of Faith, in Salesville, OH

Kirk Gable, Pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Fellowship, in Cambridge, OH

Jim Lee, Pastor of East Nemishillen Church of the Brethren, in Canton, OH

Their Facebook page is Baranich, Gable & Lee

The group has been together for many years and they travel all over Ohio ministering in music.  They sing at fairs, festivals, churches and any event that the Lord Jesus leads them to.   They are very enjoyable to listen to.


(The December event was cancelled)

December 18, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Rachel Beck



    Rachel Beck is a beautiful Flute performer with Southern Gospel sounds.  Rachel and her husband (Terry) reside in St. Clairesville, Ohio.  Rachel shares her gift with others, so that they can be uplifted in the presence of God, through her angelic music.

Concert Confetti

December 18, 2021 at 3:00 pm


   The group known as "A Joyful Noise" came together as friends singing and playing in the living room, worshiping God and getting to know one another. The group consists of Kirk and Linda Dickinson, of Barnesville Ohio, Rodney and Laurie Lucas, Belmont Oh, and Brian Geiser, Piedmont OH.  The group exists to know Christ and make Him known. Their desire is to represent Christ well and invite others to receive His Love and enter into a life changing relationship with the Maker of the universe.  A Joyful Noise has been privileged to minister in many different churches and festivals over the years. The focus remains, to magnify Jesus and glorify God. We are honored to go where God leads us, ushering others into worship of The King.  For booking, contact Laurie Lucas -- 724-825-9006



May 1, 2021(EVENT OVER)

11:00 am - Marvin & Linda Dalton (Contemporary) from Bethesda, OH

12:00 pm - Gene Mot Shelby (Rap/R&B/Hip Hop) from Pittsburg, PA

1:00 pm - Jo Ann Jones (Gospel/Country) from Flushing, OH

2:00 pm - Abby Malloy (Contemporary Christian) from Nashville, TN

3:00 pm - Risen Music (Worship/Acoustical/Rock/Progressive) from Lapeer, MI

4:00 pmSEEK 1st (Contemporary Christian) from Wampum, PA

5:00 pmThe Love Quartet (A Capella) from Norwich, OH

6:00 pm - Ben Acors (All Genres of Music) from Weirton, WV

August 7, 2021 (EVENT OVER)

12:00 pm - Mitchell Whisnant (Christian Country, Southern Gospel, Modern Contemporary Christian) from Vail, NC

1:00 pm - James Montgomery (Southern Gospel) from Beaver, PA

2:00 pm - Bill Adkins (Christian Country Gospel) from Marion, OH

3:00 pm - Ricky Luster Sr. (Gospel) from Lake Forest, NC

4:00 pm - Don Nuzum (Country) from New Cumberland, WV

5:00 pm - Ed & Christy Moore (Christian) from St. Clairsville, OH

October 2, 2021 (EVENT OVER)

12:00 pm - The Spiritual Echoes (Southern Gospel) from Ashville, Columbus & Lockbourne, OH

1:00 pm - Jason Woods (Southern Gospel) from Carmichaels, PA

2:00 pm - Don Paff (Southern Gospel favorites/original songs/ song writer) from Indianapolis, IN

3:00 pm - Chris Sutton (Christian Singer/Songwriter) from Huntington, WV  

4:00 pm - God's Servant's  (Country Gospel) from Cambridge, OH

5:00 pm - Baranich, Gable & Lee (Southern Gospel/Mixed) from Cambridge, Canton & Salesville, OH

6:00 pm - True Muzik (Hip Hop/Rap) from Toledo, OH

December 18, 2021  (EVENT CANCELLED)

12:00 pmRachel Beck (Flute performer w/ Southern Gospel sounds) from St. Clairesville, Ohio

1:00 pm - Derek Charles Johnson (Worship/Praise/Christian Contemporary) from Spring Hill, TN

2:00 pm - The Chrisagis Brothers (Christian Contemporary/Worship) from Glendale, WV

3:00 pmA Joyful Noise (Southern Gospel) from Belmont, OH

4:00 pm - Brother Randall & Friends w/ special guest Karri Baker (Bluegrass/Christian) from OH & WV

5:00 pm - Laken Bounds (Praise/Worship/Christian Contemporary) from Roseville, OH

6:00 pmBrendan Brooks (Christian Contemporary, Praise & Worship) from Hillsboro, WI

w/Guest Speaker, Tony Marks from Lead Hill, AR

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