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   ALL CONCERTS ARE FREE (Suggested Donation of $5.00 per Adult/Youth at the door).
   Living Free Events Inc. is a registered affiliate with a 501(C)(3), (EIN # 84-3271792). We are tax exempt, so anything that you may donate, can be tax deducted.  We appreciate ANY support that you can give.  There are great extents that go into these concerts, that promote all these wonderful and amazing people that come and share their talents with the community.  ALL proceeds go strictly to the events expenses (Venue, accommodations, dinner and fuel for the out of state performers, fuel and dinner for the local performers, the Raffle gifts, plus blessing each group with a monetary gift).  
Any business that gives a contribution to our organization for financial support or for the Raffles, will be promoted with your business name and link and contact info. on our website AND mentioning on our live-streaming of the concerts. Thank you. 

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Owners / Managers:
Jess & Kim Freeman
Jess - 740-260-9849
Kim - 740-260-2966
Pritchard Lauglin Civic Center
7033 John Glenn Hwy.
Cambridge, Ohio 43725
Cambridge City Park in the Large Pavilion
840 McKinley Ave.
Cambridge, Ohio 43725
Check under the "Concert Dates" for correct location.


  Who We Are:

   We are a Non-Profit Christian Organization.  We promote and search for performers from all over the United States, who are willing to come and share their love of God through their talents. We provide all of the high end quality, professional, sound equipment needed.  We will also be supplying  these back-line instruments:

1.) (Drums) 5pc. ‘Ludwig Export Series’ w/ heavy duty hardware. 


2.) (Bass amp) Hartke -HA 3500 (350 watts) w/ 1- Vx-410 cabinet. also 1- Transporter 115 TP aluminum speakers. or XL Series-410 Bass Module (regular speakers).         


3.) (Guitar amps with Reverb) 1- 90-watt Mesa Boogie- ‘Dual Caliber’ DC-5. w / 1-12in. speakers. Also has an extension 1-12 cabinet.


4.) (Guitar amp with Reverb) ‘Category 5’-Andrew 45-watt w/ 2-10in speakers.                           

5.) (Acoustic amp with Reverb) Genz-Benz ‘Shenandoah 150T’, 150 watts @ 8ohms or 200- watts @ 4ohms.   


6.) (Keyboard) 1 - Yamaha ‘CP50’ Stage Piano w / 88 weighted keys.   


7.) (Keyboard) 1 - Yamaha ‘Motif’ XF8’ workstation w/ 88 weighted keys. 


8.) (Keyboard amp) 1 - Roland KC-550, 4 channel 135-watts

 We are based in Cambridge, Ohio. We at Living Free Events Inc. hope to plant a seed for God, through music/talents, by bringing performers from all over the United States and with all genres of music/talent, to impress upon others hearts, the love and grace of God, so that they will come to know Him and have a personal relationship with the most loving God of all.
    Our Mission

Check this Out...

  In 2011 and 2013, under different management and name, we provided sound for the following artists:
Rhema Soul
Anthem Lights
Satellite's and Sirens
Phil Joel from the Newsboys
Josh Carey & Sarah
Anthony Mossberg

       PAST                PERFORMERS

2018 special performances were: 
The Chrisagis Brothers
The Fox Family
Marvin & Linda Dalton
Rachel Beck
Doc Roe & Sweet Harmonies
A Joyful Noise
Bill Jones & Friends
The Love Quartet
Jo Ann Jones
The Ron Retzer Trio

2019, special performances were: 
Roger Hoard
Brother Randall & Friends
Jo Ann Jones
Robb Gable & Sons
Don Nuzum
Abby Miller
Derek Charles Johnson
Doc Roe & Sweet Harmonies
Beacon Road
The Love Quartet

In July 2019, Living Free Events Inc. provided sound with Rick May (Sound Engineer for Mercy Me and Lead Drummer for DC Talk) for The River's 104.9 Summer Fun Day in Newark, Ohio and also for Zoombezie Bay in Columbus, Ohio for The River 104.9 for the performances of Austin French and for Apollo LTD. 

May  1, 2021, special performances were:
Marvin & Linda Dalton
Gene Mot Shelby (MoTruth)
Jo Ann Jones
Abby Malloy
Risen Music
SEEK 1st
The Love Quartet 
Ben Acors


In July 2021, we hosted Pastor Greg Locke.  We also ran sound with Rick May (Sound Engineer for Mercy Me and Lead Drummer for DC Talk) for 104.9 The River events at Lancaster Family Fun Fest, Newark Family Fun Fest and River Day at Zoombezie Bay with special performances by Stars Go Dim and Coby James

August 7, 2021, special performances were:
Mitchell Whisnant
James Montgomery
Bill Adkins
Ricky Luster Sr.
Don Nuzum
Ed & Christy Moore

October 2, 2021, special performances were:
The Spiritual Echoes
Jason Woods
Chris Sutton
God's Servant's
Baranich, Gable & Lee
True Muzik


May 7, 2022, special performances were: 
Risen Music
Jo Ann Jones
Ben Acors
New Promise
Don Nuzum
Brendan Brooks